Chicken Discussion Highlights Bi-Annual Meeting

St. Peters Board of Aldermen, Board of Adjustment and Planning and Zoning Commission met on Monday night to talk ethics, policy and chickens.

The Board of Aldermen, Board of Adjustment and the Planning and Zoning Commission gathered in for a meeting Monday night.

Seated in a conference room at the newly renovated St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre, the trio of St. Peters government entities met for their bi-annual meeting. Feasting on sandwiches from , the three groups listened to a presentation on ethics and conflict of interests, heard about chickens (yes, chickens), and went over proposed zoning changes.

The meeting kicked off with a presentation by John A. Young of Hazelwood and Weber LLC. Young informed the crowd about things they can and cannot do as members of government. For example, sending emails to other board members saying you will vote against anything a certain person brings up for vote is against the rules.

Once Young was done, it was time for chicken talk.

Back in November, the local resident wanted to raise chickens for a 4-H project. Currently city ordinances prohibit having live chickens in St. Peters, however, that may change.

The three boards listened to a presentation in support of allowing chickens to be raised within St. Peters city limits. The proposal calls for residents to pay a $40 registration fee, which will allow them to have four hens and no roosters. All the hens would be required to be enclosed in a predator-proof enclosure that is located at least six feet from the property line and has to be 25 feet from a neighboring home. All enclosures must be in the back yard of a property.

Alderman Dave Thomas, Ward 1, was concerned about potential noise complaints.

“I grew up on a farm, chickens make noise,” he said after being told it wouldn’t be an issue.

Thomas wanted to modify the proposal to include noise restrictions and guidelines about when the chickens could be allowed to make noise. Alderman Jerry Hollingsworth, Ward 2, said that chickens would be quieter than his truck so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Alderman Rocky Reitmeyer, Ward 1, said the proposal is fine the way it is.

“We should just do like we do with everything and check in every six months and see if we have any problems,” he said.

Everyone agreed and after several chicken puns, the Board agreed to vote on the proposal at a later meeting.

After the chicken discussion, the boards went over the proposed code changes in the city. All the changes will be voted on at a later meeting by the Board of Alderman.

After just around the three-hour mark of the meeting, things ended abruptly. Thomas wanted to discuss an item on the Planning and Zoning agenda for their meeting at 6:30 p.m. today.

Thomas tried to ask a question and get something changed, but his wording didn’t sit well with a few people. City administrator William Charnsiky stood up and said Thomas was doing exactly what he was told not to do in the earlier presentation by Young. Charnisky said he didn’t want to be around for the discussion—a potential conflict—and walked out of the room. Everyone else followed and the meeting ended.

John Durajczyk February 10, 2011 at 05:57 PM
Having participated in this meeting, it was enjoyable to experience the Cultural Arts Center after its renovation, and Mr. Young's presentation was highly informative. Yet it was perplexing that with pointed examples of how NOT to deny a petitioners due process, someone attempted to poison the procedure by discussing an issue that was yet to be presented. St. Peters does not need to bank a legal defense fund for its Aldermen! John Durajczyk, Candidate for 4th Ward Alderman


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