St. Peters Contemplating Replacing 14-Year-Old Snow Plow Truck

Purchasing a new truck now instead of waiting until next year will save the city $5,000.

A 14-year-old dump trucks could soon be replaced by the city of . 

The city regularly makes plans to replace aging vehicles and the dump—which also double as snow plows in the winter months–are no exception. At Thursday's Board of Aldermen work session, Health and Environmental Services manager Dave Kuppler said staff had already put plans to replace a 14-year-old truck into the budget for next year. 

Those were the plans, at least. 

Kuppler said Thursday that by agreeing to purchase the truck now, the city would come in under budget—something that couldn't be said for a few weeks. The cost of the truck—an International cab and chassis body, snowplow and hydraulic controls for the plow is slated to go up by $5,276 at the start of October. By purchasing now, at the price of $138,330, the city will be under the $142,000 budgeted for the project. 

Kuppler advised the board during the work session that the city should agree to purchase the truck at the next Aldermen meeting, scheduled for Sept. 13. The city would order the truck and pay for it in fiscal year 13. 

The truck will be purchased on a Missouri Department of Transportation contract. The old truck would be sold in surplus. 

The board agreed with Kuppler’s proposal and will put the truck purchase on the next meeting’s agenda.


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