Meet the Candidates: Rocky Reitmeyer Running for Re-Election in Ward 1

St. Peters Alderman John "Rocky" Reitmeyer is running against Dolores Sherman for the Ward 1 seat.

John Reitmeyer, better known as Rocky, has served on the St. Peters Board of Aldermen for 12 years. The Ward 1 rep is looking to add four more years on to his term. 

Reitmeyer is running for re-election in his Ward 1 seat at the April 3 General Election. He's running against Dolores Sherman for the right to remain on the Board. Before Tuesday's election, here's a chance to get to know Rocky Reitmeyer. 

John "Rocky" Reitmeyer: Candidate for Ward 1 Alderman

Where do you live? 618 River Moss Dr.

 What is your current job/position? Manufacturing Engineer, The Boeing Company for 34 years 

Why are you running for Board of Aldermen?  I've felt in the past 12 years my vision was to make St. Peters grow and to be the No. 1 city in St. Charles County. I'm always working with my residents, senior citizens, veterans and children of my ward. I'm always looking for new companies to come into our city to produce new jobs for our residents and always keeping our city "Family Friendly." 

What relevant experience do you have? The past 12 years I have learned from some great people we have in St. Peters—our Mayor Len Pagano, City Administrator William Charnisky, Staff and networking with city officials throughout the state and country. 

What do think you can you bring to this position? I have always brought a smiling face and friendship to our Board and our city. My hand was always open to anyone who needed our help and always remember that our "Citizens Come First." 

Please tell us about one goal you have for this position: To bring jobs, jobs, jobs to our city!

What's one change you'd like to see in St. Peters during your term in office?  I want to see more involvement with our residents when our soldiers come back from Iraq and Afghanistan. We need to thank our service men, women and veterans for the great service they have given us so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today. We also need to be fiscally responsible for our spending and strive to keep the cities budget balanced which we have today.


A request for information was sent out to each of the candidates and this is the response. 

Note: Candidates and supporters should feel free to comment, but please keep things professional.No attacks, no name calling, no profanity. Thanks.


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