Planning and Zoning Approves Site Plans for GFS Marketplace, Housing Development

The first meeting of 2013 was productive for the St. Peters commission.

The St. Peters Planning and Zoning Commission kicked off 2013 with a brisk meeting Wednesday night at the Justice Center. 

In a quick 52 minutes, the commission addressed all six items on the agenda. The commission encountered very few issues and everything was approved.

One minor issue came up during a home occupation permit request. Xtreme Xteriors, lawn care and landscaping, sent a letter to neighbors requesting the home occupation permit. The letters are standard to gauge neighbors interest and filter out complaints. Business owner Alex Henry did just that, however, his letter had the wrong date of the commission meeting. Instead of stating the meeting as Jan. 2, the letter said Henry would have his request heard at the February meeting. 

Since Xtreme Xteriors is a lawn care business, the commission decided that, since the business wouldn't be too busy in the next 30 days, it would offer a conditional permit. If no neighbors express concerns in February, the conditional permit will be a full-fledged permit. 

The other home occupation permit was approved without issue. 

Celtic had both a site plan and a PUD amendment approved by the commission. The proposed housing development located on the north side of North St. Peters Parkway, east of Harvester Road. The area was slated for development in 2005, but plans stalled. Now Celtic plans to start construction again and finish the development of the site.

The plans call for 14 buildings and clubhouse area with a pool. The original plans called for 12 buildings, but the new plans shifted things around and made a couple of buildings smaller to accommodate two extra buildings. 

The other site plan approved by the commission was for GFS Marketplace, located on the west side of Mid Rivers Mall Drive, north of Mexico Road. The Marketplace described itself as a Sam's Club like store with just food and no membership program. The store carries bulk food for catering, parties and restaurants. A representative from the Marketplace said the store is often used by restaurants like Red Robin to get items they need when a delivery isn't due for a few days.

The final thing approved was a CPD Amendment for Daniel and Judith Fetsch. The amendment was a re-approval of an amendment passed before. The Commission adds a additional two years for construction of phase 1 and five years for the construction of phase 2.


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