St. Peters Planning to Spend Nearly $2 Million for Road Repairs in 2013

The annual road work projects will tackle a variety of projects around the city.

Construction season in St. Peters started earlier this year with work on the Mid Rivers Mall Drive overpass. That work, however, will not be the only road construction done this year in the city. 

The city will make nearly $2 million in repairs this year as part of the annual Pavement Management Program. The actual total, $1,949,000, will be spent on variety of projects including asphalt overlay, concrete slab replacements, curb repairs, joint and crack repairs and sidewalk maintenance. The city will be conducting projects in all four wards in 2013.

The budget is broken down like this: $1,110,000 for asphalt overlay; $300,000 for curb repairs; $200,000 for concrete slab replacement; $170,000 for sidewalk infill and repair; $139,000 for joint and crack sealing; and $30,000 for joint repair.

Asphalt street repairs range from sealing cracks with a rubberized asphalt material, patching potholes with asphalt material, to completely paving over the street with asphalt. Damaged curbs are replaced first during asphalt overlay projects. A two-inch layer of asphalt is removed using a milling process before the new surface is put down.

Concrete streets consist of a series of concrete slabs. Concrete slabs have an average service life of 35 years. During that time normal vehicle travel and freeze/thaw cycles can cause cracking and joint failure. Concrete street maintenance can involve sealing cracks and worn joints with a rubberized asphalt material, patching potholes with asphalt, or completely replacing concrete slabs.

Similar to the process for concrete street repairs, the city of St. Peters regularly inspects and repairs sidewalks.

William Braudis April 29, 2013 at 05:41 PM
Great planning Guys and Gals


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