6 Tips for Moms on the First Day of Kindergarten

Worried about sending your little one to kindergarten? We've got you covered.

For what seems like forever, you’ve been wiping your little one’s bottom, nose and messes. Now, all of a sudden, they are big enough to go to kindergarten! School starts in just two weeks. How did time go so quickly?

If you’re worried about sending your child to school for the first time, we’ve got a few tips to keep the transition easy—for you and your little one.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Have a countdown. Get a calendar or hang a poster on the wall counting down to the first day of school. Every morning, mark another day off the countdown with your kindergartener-to-be. This makes school feel like exciting, like waiting for a birthday or Christmas.

2. Pick out an outfit together. Go shopping for a complete first-day-of-school look, including shoes, socks and accessories. (This doesn’t have to be expensive—we’ve got of thrift stores nearby!) Don’t let your kiddo wear any of the new outfit until the first day of school.

3. Start the sleep schedule early. A full night’s sleep is vital for a kindergartener, but summer schedules sometimes mean staying up late. Start going to bed early a week or two before school starts so it isn’t a surprise.

4. Write your names. Practice writing your names together so your little one is ready for the first day. If your kiddo can write his or her name, move on to your address, telephone number and other important information.

5. Write a cute note. Leave a little note in your child’s lunch or backpack to remind them how proud you are of them! It will make that big day that much more special.

6. Prepare yourself. Almost every mom can admit she's had a tough time with the first day of school. If you think you’ll have difficulty letting go, schedule a fun reward for yourself that day: Lunch with friends? A pedicure? Treat yourself!

(School begins Wednesday, Aug. 8, in the Francis Howell School District. Classes begin Wednesday,  Aug. 15 for  students.)

Anything I left out? Post more tips for moms of new kindergarteners in the comments below!


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